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5-Year Warranty on ALL Servers

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CRS – Complete Rack System

rugged computing systems and solutions

CP Technologies designs and manufactures rugged computers, displays, and more. With over 20 years of experience in building high-performance rugged computing systems and devices, CP Technologies’ Combat Proven designs have been used all over the world in a variety of industrial, commercial, and defense related applications. We offer discrete portable systems, transportable small/medium tactical rackmount computing systems, high-performance computers and storage servers across all standard rackmount and desktop form factors, rackmount displays and input devices, advanced data link solutions, systems integration services, tactical embedded mission computers, and more.

built to last, service to match

Our quality service doesn’t just end once a unit is sold. Our program managers provide long-term support for our products via revision control, componentry roadmapping, configuration management, and our standard 5-year warranty. Our product managers organize all sub-systems and components under one master part number, simplifying and streamlining the process of ordering additional or replacement units down the line. And of course, our products are built to the highest of standards in order to meet our Combat Proven reputation.


From portable server solutions to rackmount systems integration, CP Technologies provides a number of rugged, high-performance computing solutions across a variety of form factors.
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Rugged rackmount computers, displays , and input devices for military, industrial, and commercial applications.
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Ruggedized computing solutions from CP Technologies are proudly assembled in the United States to the highest quality standard and are built to meet or exceed MIL-STD requirements.
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industrial and commercial

CP Technologies is proud to offer both rugged and standard computing solutions to meet the most demanding needs of our industrial and commercial clients.
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data links

High-end wireless data link communications from CP Technologies.
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Latest Updates

Construction Progress on the new HQ in Prescott, AZ

CP Technologies announces the opening of CP North America Head Quarters on 15 March supporting CP Technologies, CP Systems and CP Aeronautics.

CP Technologies is proud to announce the opening of the new CP North America Headquarters in Prescott, Arizona. The new facility will be home to the CP North America family of brands including CP Technologies, CP Systems, and CP Aeronautics. The all-new headquarters building is part of the ongoing growth of the CP brand and reflects the much needed expansion in our capabilities as a manufacturer to meet the needs of our customers. Look forward to even more exciting news from us in the future and be sure to stand by for information on our new factory’s Grand Opening Event!

Location of the new CP North America facility:

2620 Deep Well Ranch Road, Prescott, AZ  86301

CP Technologies In the News

OP – Leaving California? Don’t forget why

OP – Leaving California? Don’t forget why

"For generations of Americans, California represented the American dream with its majestic landscape and coastal views. It’s the state that brought us Hollywood, the Beach Boys, Disneyland and Ronald Reagan...." Read more here.

Combat Proven Technologies launches Mini Micro Data Link System

Combat Proven Technologies launches Mini Micro Data Link System

CP Technologies (CP Tech) launches the Mini Micro Data Link System (M2DLS). The M2DLS is an advanced single unit digital data link system specifically designed for micro and small size platforms which are sensitive to Size, Weight and Power (SWaP). Read More Here

Datalinks wireless communication systems launched by CP Tech

Datalinks wireless communication systems launched by CP Tech

Combat Proven Technologies (CP Tech) has launched a line of advanced Datalink systems. Using open architecture and in-house development, CP Tech intends to enable full duplex wideband, digital link, error correction, and high-rate communication for uplink and downlink...

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