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Mobile Command Station Server with Raid Redundancy

Many times customers require a custom computer configuration that will be able to last for the duration of a long program. They require components that will still be available several years into the future with minimal changes, and those systems must be reliable. Their system may need to be rugged… Read More

Revision Control and Remote Support for A Medical Application

A medical equipment company developed a digital imaging system designed to increase visibility through breast tissue while decreasing painful compression for the patient.  This new technology is called Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI), and it can identify tumors not always discernible via X-ray technology. But the company found that there were… Read More

Supporting Legacy Applications for Established Corporate Facilities

Large corporations that have been in business for many years frequently have established production and testing systems in which they have invested considerable capital.  For these facilities, the rapid turnover of computer technology can create a variety of logistical and cost control problems.  Computers may need to be replaced or… Read More

Designing a Custom Enclosure for a Biotech Product

Our client produces equipment for the biotechnology industry. They required a customized commercial-grade chassis that would allow them to populate the enclosure with industry specific hardware that could change as rapidly as product updates allowed. While the client was providing their own internal systems, the end product required many of… Read More

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