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Custom Navy 901D Black Box RecorderFollows are just a few examples of the many custom designs, rackmount and non-rackmount, chassis, systems and LCDs we have designed and manufactured. These examples highlight our capabilities as well as provide examples for future projects for other clients. CP Technologies’ engineers have been providing innovative solutions to industry since 1985 and are conversant in all aspects of design and agency certification. We have provided simple sheet metal boxes through highly complex ship-board Navy certified designs and telco Nebs certified systems. Please visit our web pages which detail our Custom System Engineering and Design Services and the steps involved in bringing a design to market. From prototype to production, CP Technologies prides itself on quality rackmount enclosures. For turnkey projects or specialized engineering services, CP Technologies understands how to overcome the technical challenges involved in converting innovative concepts into successful, timely products. Our design philosophy is to provide exceptionally engineered, cost effective industrial computers and rackmount enclosures at a competitive price. CP Technologies provides a turnkey solution for custom industrial rackmount systems, allowing clients to have quality industrial chassis with minimal investment in time or money.

  • On-time
  • On-budget
  • Technically sophisticated
  • Turn Key
  • Perfectly fit application requirements

CP Technologies Supports VIPER/T with Custom Portable Computer

CP Technologies is providing rugged custom portable computer systems in support of the US Marine Corps VIPER/T program. The Virtual Instrument Portable Equipment Repair/Tester (VIPER/T) is a rugged, man-portable automated test system. This is the USMC’s primary functional test gear used to test and diagnose electronic, electro-mechanical and electro-optical systems… Read More “CP Technologies Supports VIPER/T with Custom Portable Computer”

SPAWAR Storage Server

SPAWAR liked our M2U20 computer system for its feature set and rugged construction. However, they wanted additional drive capacity. The M2U20 provided 4 shock mounted 3-1/2″ drive positions. Started with that design, we redid the front end of the system to incorporate 6 2-1/2″ SAS drives mounted in removable sleds.… Read More “SPAWAR Storage Server”

Persistent Surveillance Data Server

Persistent surveillance is a relatively new technology blending multiple sensor paths together to give a highly detailed overview of an area or battlefield. Persistent surveillance has been used extensively in Afghanistan to monitor cities and areas around military bases to enable commanders to determine if insurgents have possibly planted IEDs… Read More “Persistent Surveillance Data Server”

Navy Controller

CP Technologies completed a quantity of custom 2U enclosures for a Navy project. Using our M2U20 system as a starting point, we modified the front panel to make the filter door more narrow to accommodate expanded front panel controls. Internal modifications were made to fit the customer’s boards and a… Read More “Navy Controller”

Robotics System Controller

A company manufacturing industrial robot systems, both fixed and mobile, required a new controller. The company realizes logistical productivity and intelligence currently unrealized through conventional conveyance, transport and AGV systems. The robots are environmentally aware and can avoid people and objects in their path. CP Technologies created a completely custom… Read More “Robotics System Controller”

Lear Jet Camera Controller

A Fortune 500 aerospace and defense contractor required a controller system for an airborne ultra high resolution panning camera system mounted in a Lear business jet. As this is flight qualified hardware, there are strict requirements for human factors, flight crew safety, structural integrity and crash worthiness. CP Technologies designed… Read More “Lear Jet Camera Controller”

Surgery Robotic Controller

The customer provides a system to allow surgeons to visualize and plan in 3D orthopedic procedures. They can then transfer that plan to a robotic assistant to actually perform the bone milling. CP Technologies is providing compact systems with two separate computers inside. Two passive backplanes with two single board… Read More “Surgery Robotic Controller”

Custom NEBS Internet Appliance

The customer provides a network appliance which sits on and monitors the internet backbone in a Central Office environment. The project required a two step approach to satisfy their program requirements. The first milestone required CP Technologies to quickly develop and provide multiple development systems to manage their custom hardware.… Read More “Custom NEBS Internet Appliance”

Custom Telemetry System

This renowned manufacturer of advanced digital signal processing systems providing telemetry capture and analysis to aircraft and missile flight test ranges required a chassis for their new PCI based system. CP Technologies designed and built a passive backplane system providing mounting for their status display as well as a rear… Read More “Custom Telemetry System”

F18 Radio Controller

Raytheon required a quantity of small enclosure and cables to house an F18 radio controller in a ground application. CP Technologies leveraged an existing design to engineer the enclosure. Utilizing previous art allowed for a low engineering cost and quick turn on the project.… Read More “F18 Radio Controller”

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