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Ultra Rugged 5U Computer Enclosure for Oil Exploration In the winter they build ice roads. You can’t drive to the oil wells in the summer because the tundra is too soft. This international oil services company needed a chassis that would survive continuous bouncing and banging in the back of the data logging truck as they drove on these ice roads. Hard to get parts in the middle of Winter in the far North oil country when your computer gets bounced to death.

CP Technologies created what has to be one of the most rugged chassis every built. Each of the drive trays is held by four thumb screws, two in front and two in back. Five SCSI drives are arrayed behind the air filter for good cooling. A card hold-down is tailored to the installed cards. Special zero backlash slides are used. All stainless steel hardware was installed for harsh high salinity environments. Color matching was provided as well as a standard silk screen with the company’s logo. Strict depth and front panel requirements were met to comply with the customer’s specification. CP Technologies was able to create an enclosure that will accommodate their needs for years to come.

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