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Custom Design Wins And Applications

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Custom Navy 901D Black Box RecorderFollows are just a few examples of the many custom designs, rackmount and non-rackmount, chassis, systems and LCDs we have designed and manufactured. These examples highlight our capabilities as well as provide examples for future projects for other clients. CP Technologies’ engineers have been providing innovative solutions to industry since 1985 and are conversant in all aspects of design and agency certification. We have provided simple sheet metal boxes through highly complex ship-board Navy certified designs and telco Nebs certified systems. Please visit our web pages which detail our Custom System Engineering and Design Services and the steps involved in bringing a design to market. From prototype to production, CP Technologies prides itself on quality rackmount enclosures. For turnkey projects or specialized engineering services, CP Technologies understands how to overcome the technical challenges involved in converting innovative concepts into successful, timely products. Our design philosophy is to provide exceptionally engineered, cost effective industrial computers and rackmount enclosures at a competitive price. CP Technologies provides a turnkey solution for custom industrial rackmount systems, allowing clients to have quality industrial chassis with minimal investment in time or money.

  • On-time
  • On-budget
  • Technically sophisticated
  • Turn Key
  • Perfectly fit application requirements

3U Enclosure with custom look and feel

The primary requirement was for a non-Taiwanese appearance. While the Taiwanese manufacture many fine chassis, it becomes hard to differentiate your product because they all look the same. This customer wanted a highly unique “Assembled in the USA” appearance. CP Technologies was able to modify a standard product line to… Read More

Highly Custom 4U for Telco Industry

This was a tough custom design. The initial requirement was to fit a chassis to a 21″ telco rack, but have the design be able to also fit a 19″ rack. The motherboard was a massive EATX dual Xeon server class board. Because this was a NEBS certified central office… Read More

Reverse engineer the look but fix the problems

The customer was purchasing a chassis from a domestic supplier. The design was poor, the doors did not open completely, and the quality was poor. The customer was also having delivery problems. However, because of customer commitments, they could not switch to a different chassis. CP Technologies provided a chassis… Read More

Dual system nuclear plant simulator

This custom 4U enclosure was created to house two separate computers with independent single board computers and custom backplanes. CP Technologies worked closely with the customer’s engineering staff and other partners to create an enclosure to withstand high RF frequencies. The resulting design meets CE for susceptibility in high RF… Read More

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