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Custom Navy 901D Black Box Recorder Follows are just a few examples of the many custom designs, rackmount and non-rackmount, chassis, systems and LCDs we have designed and manufactured. These examples highlight our capabilities as well as provide examples for future projects for other clients. CP Technologies’ engineers have been providing innovative solutions to industry since 1985 and are conversant in all aspects of design and agency certification. We have provided simple sheet metal boxes through highly complex ship-board Navy certified designs and telco Nebs certified systems. Please visit our web pages which detail our Custom System Engineering and Design Services and the steps involved in bringing a design to market. From prototype to production, CP Technologies prides itself on quality rackmount enclosures. For turnkey projects or specialized engineering services, CP Technologies understands how to overcome the technical challenges involved in converting innovative concepts into successful, timely products. Our design philosophy is to provide exceptionally engineered, cost effective industrial computers and rackmount enclosures at a competitive price. CP Technologies provides a turnkey solution for custom industrial rackmount systems, allowing clients to have quality industrial chassis with minimal investment in time or money.

  • On-time
  • On-budget
  • Technically sophisticated
  • Turn Key
  • Perfectly fit application requirements

Custom Integrated Battlefield System

L-3 required a very rugged 4U enclosure for their JRE-DLT program. The system required that two custom PCI backplanes be installed with XPT Dual XEON processors. One side was configured as a Windows XP Client and the other side was running Sun Solaris as a Server. The chassis provides a… Read More

‘Son Of Monster’ Logic Emulation Enclosure

The Dini Group, a local designer and manufacturer of highly sophisticated logic emulation boards, approached CP Technologies to design and manufacture the enclosure for their new DN8000K10 Virtex4 based ASIC prototyping system. This incredibly advanced emulation engine required a 15×22.1″ PCB to hold the 16 FPGA chips and 9 daughter… Read More

Network Security Appliance

Koolspan had been marketing their SME Lock Private Networking appliance in a single channel version. They wanted to expand to the enterprise marketplace by offering a multi-channel rackmount version. CP Technologies designed a 1U enclosure that allowed four of their Private Network modules to be rackmounted. The enclosure provides redundant… Read More

Custom IC Manufacturing System

A large multinational integrated circuit manufacturer required a new enclosure and integrated system to replace the ancient VAX computers originally used. This required CP Technologies to engineer an enclosure that fit an odd sized hole in their equipment. Cooling was a primary concern. There is also a custom controller interface… Read More

Custom 1U Network Appliance

The customer required a custom chassis to house two FPGA development boards to monitor network traffic in an effort to reduce network overhead and improve client responsiveness. CP Technologies provided a custom network appliance type design with a 1U redundant power supply, mounting for the two boards, rear panel connectors,… Read More

Special Integration Sun Tape System

The customer was purchasing systems from Sun Microsystems to house a Sun SCSI tape subsystem drive. The enclosure from Sun was too deep for a particular application leaving the customer without a solution. CP Technologies provided a specially integrated 1U F6000 chassis. We had to design and fabricate new cables,… Read More

Secure Submarine LCD Display

Lockheed contracted with CP Technologies to design and manufacture an LCD/Keyboard combination for use aboard nuclear submarines. The principle use is for officers to be able to connect to both the secure and non-secure systems from their quarters. Included is a 17″ TFT LCD, full feature keyboard and glidepoint mouse… Read More

Wall Mount Paint Control / Display

Haden asked CP Technologies to design a controller for their Liquid Paint Application Control System. The wall mounted enclosure featured a passive backplane, single board computer and their control cards. The lid was designed to accept different overlays allowing multiple uses for the same enclosure.… Read More

DVR Security Appliance

A manufacturer of Digital Video Recorders and related digital security products approached CP Technologies to design and build their next generation security appliance. Difficult design constraints included a depth limit of 21″, four high speed large hot swap raid drives, a vibration isolated fan system to prevent drive errors, high… Read More

Custom Video Amplifier Enclosure

An affiliate company of the Digital Video Recorder shown above required a custom enclosure for a multi channel video amplifier system. CP Technologies worked closely with the board designer on the layout of the PCB to ensure good heat management, component selection to fit a 1U enclosure, and ease of… Read More

UAV Controller

A large defense contractor specializing in tactical ground control shelters required a rugged diskless system for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle control. Time to delivery was critical. CP Technologies leveraged an existing COTS design to quickly and inexpensively meet the requirement. Starting with the D3Chassis, we shortened the chassis to 18″… Read More

AMC Module Chassis

Advanced Mezzanine Cards, or AMC modules, were originally developed to add I/O capability to CPCI and ATCA products. An AMC products developer approached CP Technologies to design and manufacture the first rack mount system to enable the use of 10 AMC modules in a 2U enclosure. This is bleeding edge… Read More

Reverse Engineered Power Supply

The customer had been purchasing a custom power supply enclosure from a local vendor for several years. They required several enhancements to the design and the vendor had no engineering documentation. CP Technologies reverse engineered the enclosure to fit within their system. In addition to their required changes, CP Technologies’… Read More

Custom Paint and Logo

Custom paint and logo to customer specification is our most common special. In this case, the customer wanted the entire chassis painted to a Pantone specification and their logo silk screened on the door. The base chassis is the C3CHASSIS. Multicolor logos and front panel silk screened accents can… Read More

Ultra High Res 1600 x 1200 Keyboard LCD Display

A military customer required an ultra high resolution LCD display / keyboard but had a height limit of 1U. In addition, there was limited depth available. CP Technologies performed by modifying our standard CPCSD1-17 Clamshell Keyboard LCD to incorporate the Samsung LTM190 panel with a proprietary high performance LCD controller.… Read More

Innovative High Speed Switch Packaging

A major defense electronics manufacturer approached CP Technologies to design and manufacture the enclosure for their sophisticated high speed switch. The system houses 3 hot swap modular cards, rear mounted CPU module, dual hot swap power supplies, 4 hot swap fans and an internal backplane tying all the electronics together.… Read More

ASI Switch Platform

A manufacturer of PCI silicon products for PCI Express interface needed a development platform for their customers. CP Technologies provided a simple 1U enclosure to mount their PCB. Using a modified off the shelf 1U ATX power supply simplified their product and lowered their costs.… Read More

Ultra Light Short Depth Keyboard LCD Display

A defense customer required a light weight 1U LCD Display / Keyboard to fit in a Hartig travel case. The requirement was a weight less than 22 pounds and an installed depth less than 20 inches. CP Technologies exceeded the design requirement by producing a keyboard weighing 19.6 lbs with… Read More

4U Battlefield Tactical Situation Server

A major supplier of battlefield qualified systems required a continued supply of the Appro 4408 chassis which Appro no longer offered. The specification from their military customer did not allow for another chassis to be substituted. CP Technologies exactly reproduced the Appro 4408 chassis dimensionally and functionally. The chassis looks… Read More

1U Custom Short EATX Chassis – Front I/O

A large highly respected manufacturer of chip manufacturing equipment required a very custom rackmount system. A limiting factor was a depth limit of 16.63″ and the I/O had to be accessible at the front. An Intel EATX Dual Xeon Server Board fits and provides 1 I/O slot. A hard drive… Read More

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