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Custom Navy 901D Black Box Recorder Follows are just a few examples of the many custom designs, rackmount and non-rackmount, chassis, systems and LCDs we have designed and manufactured. These examples highlight our capabilities as well as provide examples for future projects for other clients. CP Technologies’ engineers have been providing innovative solutions to industry since 1985 and are conversant in all aspects of design and agency certification. We have provided simple sheet metal boxes through highly complex ship-board Navy certified designs and telco Nebs certified systems. Please visit our web pages which detail our Custom System Engineering and Design Services and the steps involved in bringing a design to market. From prototype to production, CP Technologies prides itself on quality rackmount enclosures. For turnkey projects or specialized engineering services, CP Technologies understands how to overcome the technical challenges involved in converting innovative concepts into successful, timely products. Our design philosophy is to provide exceptionally engineered, cost effective industrial computers and rackmount enclosures at a competitive price. CP Technologies provides a turnkey solution for custom industrial rackmount systems, allowing clients to have quality industrial chassis with minimal investment in time or money.

  • On-time
  • On-budget
  • Technically sophisticated
  • Turn Key
  • Perfectly fit application requirements

2U Custom Short EATX Chassis – Front I/O

In conjunction with the 1U system shown above, the customer also required a 2U chassis of similar construction. A limiting factor was a depth limit of 16.63″ and the I/O had to be accessible at the front. An Intel EATX Server Board fits and provides 2 I/O slots. A hard… Read More

4U Custom Aluminum Chassis

A leading company in audio noise control for broadcast and film required a quantity of small, light 4U enclosures for mounting in a Hartig portable case. We modified our standard C3Chassis to exactly meet their requirements. Modifications included an aluminum construction instead of steel for lighter weight, low noise fans,… Read More

1U Custom SCSI Drive Chassis

An aerospace company needed a 1U chassis to hold 2 removable SCSI drives or a mix of removable drives and tape drives. The chassis had to be 16 inches deep and 16.75 inches wide which precluded an off-the-shelf solution. Good cooling was required.… Read More

Ultra Rugged 1U 17″ LCD/Keyboard

A defense contractor required a large quantity of “flight line proof” rackmount keyboard/LDCs. They liked the features of the CPS217 but had special ruggedization requirements. CP Technologies was able to modify the standard CPS217 to include: Mag-Floride coated protective glass over the LCD Aluminum construction instead of steel Special Cherry… Read More

2U Chassis for ATX Form Factor PCB

This customer supplies high fidelity flight simulations systems to the military. Their existing supplier was not able to keep up with the orders. The existing chassis was simply a stock 2U with a custom rear panel. This led to several compromises in the cooling of this high power system. The… Read More

5U Rugged System for Extreme Environment

In the winter they build ice roads. You can’t drive to the oil wells in the summer because the tundra is too soft. This international oil services company needed a chassis that would survive continuous bouncing and banging in the back of the data logging truck as they drove on… Read More

4U Rugged System for Extreme Environment

After designing and producing a large quantity of the 5U chassis shown above, the customer required the same chassis features in a 4U enclosure. The resulting design is identical in all regards in a smaller package.… Read More

6U Rugged System for Navy Ship Installation

Spawar came to CP Technologies to design a Mil Spec chassis that would be light, extremely rugged, adaptable, and able to satisfy the rigorous shock and vibration specification in 901D. The “Rock” was the result. This is an aluminum and stainless enclosure providing redundant power, 4 5.25″ external drives, 2… Read More

7U Chassis Designed to Customer Specification

The DOD required a robust 20-slot chassis for use in remote locations world-wide. Critical performance issues had to be met. The system had to be easy to install and maintain with minimal MTTR. A defined drive mix as well as depth issues precluded using an off-the-shelf solution. CP Technologies successfully… Read More

W03 Wallmount / Benchtop Chassis

Note – The W03 is now a standard CP Technologies product. CP Technologies was approached by an arcade game manufacturer to provide a ruggedized PC chassis able to fit existing game cabinets and to survive the abuse and transportation loads imposed on these cabinets. Microsoft and Intel were supporting the… Read More

Embedded Card Cage

The customer, a large multinational printing press manufacturer, needed to replace an existing card cage with a newer model. The backplane had changed and his offshore supplier was not able to adapt in a timely manner. The customer also wanted to incorporate some additional features. CP Technologies was able to… Read More

Embedded Election System

With the US not having a President for several weeks due to hanging chad, the Government has provided funds to modernize the voting process. The Government’s goal is computerized voting for all elections. In conjunction with several partners, CP Technologies developed a small, light weight system to control the LCD… Read More

1U Network Appliance

This embedded 1U network appliance was developed to maintain the continuous flow of legitimate customer traffic during a Denial of Service attack as well as minimize the time network engineers spent on labor-intensive manual investigations. The customer was unable to find an off the shelf product that offered the required… Read More

1U Network Security Appliance

Network Perimeter Policing is the comprehensive real-time monitoring and interpretation of important system events throughout a customer’s network, including unauthorized behavior, malicious hacks and denials of service (DoS), anomalies and trend analysis. The customer required a simple 1U chassis, no external drives, and a defined front panel connector scheme. CP… Read More

4U Simulator Image Generator

The customer had been purchasing another chassis which went end-of-life. The application is for complex operator simulators for the military, bus drivers, police drivers, etc. The chassis had to look good, provide limited access to the drives and controls, and adequately cool the image generator boards and motherboard.… Read More

Appro Reverse Engineer

Appro stopped selling their 4U 4402 and 4408 chassis leaving many customer scrambling for solutions. CP Technologies provides identical chassis by reverse engineering the original Appro products. The result is customers previously purchasing the Appro 4402 and 4408 chassis now have a reliable source for continued production. The FAAC Simulation… Read More

CPATX 4U Enclosure

A relatively simple custom chassis. Standard 4U design with three horizontal 5-1/4″ drives. The client wanted additional cooling for the hard drives in addition to their own look. The end product was powder coated over the entire exterior and had a complex logo silk screened to the door.… Read More

2U Rack Mount ATX/Backplane

The customer needed a high performance motherboard with sufficient cooling for the dual processors. The three plug-in PCI cards were accommodated using a riser card which provided the proper PCI interrupt parsing. In addition, the chassis had no front accessible drives and dual SCSI hard drives in a mirror arrangement.… Read More

Custom 417 Rackmount Enclosure

The client required a minimal depth 4U chassis with good cooling, filtered air, and no locks. Having control over the manufacturing and having a domestic source were important. The resultant design was constructed of 16 gage CRS, was only 16.5″ deep, and is fully revision controlled for consistency. The chassis… Read More

Custom 5U for Film Industry

The customer manufactured a film editing head. The target market was film dailys where the day’s filming was proofed. A highly custom retro look was required as well as a proprietary rear panel for the many required connectors and cables. The resulting design is very attractive, provides a small color… Read More

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