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Five Reasons Thin/Zero Is In

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New thin/zero client workstations and data center servers running virtual instances of application software are replacing traditional desktop PCs in installations where security must rule, but that’s not the only reason thin is in.

The data breach by Edward Snowden and network penetration by various nation state-sponsored hackersvirtual desktop infrastructure highlight the need for security in the military computing space. President Obama’s budget proposal for 2017 includes $19B for cyber security, an increase of $5B over 2016. The White House is proposing $5.5B in cyber spending for the military for each year for 2016 through 2020.

Driving the military conversion to secure thin and zero client computing, the U.S. Army released a 72-page document, “U.S. Army Thin/Zero Client Computing Reference Architecture, Version 1.0, 14 Mar 2013,” which promotes the conversion away from desktop and laptop computers to centralized servers and thin/zero client architectures.

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