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April, 2015, Newsletter Available

We’ve published our April, 2015, newsletter.  The topics are: New 2015 Military Computer Source-Book Here! CPC1-C17 / C19: Low Cost Industrial LCD Keyboard CP Technologies Expands Sales Rep Channels Surviving the Notorious Ice Roads of the Far North  … Read More

Navy Controllers Shipped

CP Technologies completed a quantity of custom 2U enclosures for a Navy project.  Using our M2U20 system as a starting point, we modified the front panel to make the filter door more narrow to accommodate expanded front panel controls. Internal modifications were made to fit the customer’s boards and a… Read More

Custom Robotics System Controller

CP Technologies was selected to create a custom industrial robotics controller system.  The customer manufactures industrial robot systems, both fixed and mobile. The company provides logistical productivity and intelligence currently unrealized through conventional conveyance, transport and AGV systems. The robots are environmentally aware and can avoid people and objects in… Read More

Adds new sales rep group for Southern states

CP Technologies has appointed Rep Tech, Inc. as our sales representative for Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee.  Rep Tech brings a strong presence to this area strategic to CP Technologies’ sales efforts.  Rep Tech serves a variety of markets ranging from aerospace to power plant.  Their territory includes Huntsville, an area… Read More

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