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What is Fed Std 595?

Federal Standard 595 is the US Government specification on color.  Anything the Government specifies that is painted will have a Fed Std 595 color callout.  Colors for tanks, ships, uniforms, the yellow line down the middle of the street, are all specified in 595. The current revision is ‘C’.  The… Read More

CP Technologies Signs Integral Marketing as Mid-Atlantic Reps

CP Technologies has engaged Integral Marketing Inc. for sales representation across the Mid-Atlantic Region. By offering representatives in the field, CP Technologies will provide additional personal attention to its customers and enhance customer service. Integral Marketing’s representatives will be covering Manhattan and Long Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Washington… Read More

What is Mil-S-901D?

Military Specification Mil-S-901D covers shock event damage to equipment installed in Navy Ships.  It is an 82 page document with the current revision dated March 17, 1989, titled “Shock Tests. H.I. (High Impact) Shipboard Machinery, Equipment and Systems, Requirements For”.  Not to be confused with MIL-STD-901 which is a standard… Read More

Precision Time for your Rugged Computer

Rugged computer systems are being used increasingly in mobile environments. These systems capture a variety of sensor data.  Is it important in your application to know when and where something happened?  Time and position can be very important factors in synchronizing this information from multiple sources or data streams. GPS… Read More

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