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The Secret Life of an Industrial PC: What It Is and How It Works

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Rugged Bench Mount Industrial Computer

MBT-1A4MTX Rugged Industrial Computer

Computers have led to increased efficiency in virtually every aspect of human life, from daily interactions on the personal and professional level to large-scale transactions within big industries. The image of a laptop computer on a study table, in a classroom, or at a coffee shop may seem fitting but computers are also commonly found in industrial settings. The industrial computer is really not so different from a home PC. Its function is far more crucial however, as huge manufacturing providers depend on it to facilitate operations.

Industrial Computers

Industrial computers are mainly used for purposes of data acquisition, although they are also frequently utilized for process control. As previously mentioned, they are practically the same as regular desktop computers because they possess many of the same parts and functions. The biggest difference is that industrial computers are made to be rugged, meaning they are specifically designed to withstand harsh and extreme conditions such as power surges and spikes in temperature.

An industrial PC is suited to work in an environment with a temperature of 45 °C and higher. It is also equipped with filters to enable it to function amidst dirt and dust without bogging down. Furthermore, it is meant to endure abrupt movements and vibrations, thanks to its built-in shock absorbers. Industrial computers can either be panel or rack-mounted.

Military Computers

World renowned industrial computer systems providers such as CP Technologies also have a big market in the military. Military computers were initially used for the creation of firing tables for artillery and gunnery applications. Today, combat training, flying exercises, and overall communication processes are made easier with the use of these computers.

Specifically, computers designed for military applications are utilized to simulate situations in battlefields, as well as to operate weapons systems. Large amounts of money and time can be saved if these computers are effectively used to prevent miscalculations and miscommunication during actual operations.

Like an industrial computer, a military computer is largely a behind-the-scenes worker. Compared to commercial PCs that have a more conspicuous presence in peoples’ daily lives, industrial computers are often overlooked because they’re rarely seen in action. Unbeknownst to the general public, they are hard at work at the heart of shop floors of factories all over the world, pumping life to the major industries that make everyone’s lives a little better. Life would certainly be different without computers.

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