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Fixed Wing Aerial Surveillance

In addition to UAV (drone) surveillance, there is a wide need for man-in-the-loop on-site fixed-wing surveillance. A manned aircraft can be flown in controlled airspace that is prohibited to a UAV. Manned aircraft can fly in close proximity to other aircraft such as near airports. Or budgetary limitations preclude the… Read More

Intelligent Aerospace – Enhancing displays used in unmanned aircraft systems ground control stations

Intelligent Aerospace magazine has published an article by Tony Bowers, CP Technologies’ Senior FAE, which details “Enhancing display used in unmanned aircraft systems ground control stations“.  The title is self explanatory as the article discusses various technologies CP Technologies can bring to their LCD products to improve their… Read More

Brightness vs. Contrast Ratio: What Matters for Rugged LCDs in Harsh Environments?

Brightness and Contrast Ratio are terms used a lot in marketing material for displays, but what does it mean to the actual user?  Requirements for both specifications are determined by the end-use application and are functionally intertwined.  Brightness affects contrast ratio.  Ambient light affects both perceived brightness and contrast.  A… Read More

CP Technologies Signs Integral Marketing as Mid-Atlantic Reps

CP Technologies has engaged Integral Marketing Inc. for sales representation across the Mid-Atlantic Region. By offering representatives in the field, CP Technologies will provide additional personal attention to its customers and enhance customer service. Integral Marketing’s representatives will be covering Manhattan and Long Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Washington… Read More

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