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 CP Technologies provides Portable Computing Systems and solutions.Our systems come in both Standard industrial grade solutions as well as Rugged military grade systems. Portable systems enable a complete high-performance desktop or server class computing systems complete with displays and input peripherals for deployment in the field. Systems built by CP Technologies can be custom designed to meet the specific needs of the customer with optional additions such as capacitive touchscreens, specialized input ports, etc. Systems can be scaled up or down in size to match the demands of the application, with sizes ranging from compact desktop sized systems with a single 17” display up to a large scale 4U-equivalent system with triple 24” Hi-Bright displays. CP Technologies’ Portable systems are designed and built to meet the most demanding of portable computing applications.

rugged Portable SYSTEMS

Rugged Portable systems by CP Technologies are the ideal solution for situations requiring a transportable, all-in-one, high-performance computing while out in harsh, real-world environments. Used in applications such as Ground Control Stations for flying drones, our Rugged Portable computing systems deliver all the power and capabilities of a full fledged desktop system with all the necessary peripherals needed, such as displays and keyboards, all while packaged into a singular portable, ruggedized unit designed and built to survive in the most adverse of deployments.

standard Portable systems

CP Technologies standard Portable systems are designed and built to deliver high-performance computing power in a transportable form factor that includes the display and input components needed to operate the system without the need to carry any additional components or peripherals. Standard Portable systems are designed and built to consistently meet the needs of industrial grade computing applications, backed by the support of CP Technologies’ long-term revision control, obsolescence management, and component roadmapping.

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Mil-spec standards, dependable ruggedization

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revision control and configuration management

CP Technolgies designs, fabricates and integrates standard and customized high-performance computing platforms for military, industry, and commercial applications. We provide reliable systems that will operate in harsh conditions and include revision control and hardware consistency for multi-year programs.

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