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TFX1-19 Military Multi-Display Systems

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TFX1-173 / 19 Military Grade 3 x 17.3” / 19″ Rackmount LCD Display

The TFX is a rugged military-grade high performance 2U rackmount LCD display offering either three 17.3” or 19″ TFT LCD displays. Display enhancement options include optically bonded vandal and EMI shielding. The system is built to military standards and includes a military-grade wide temperature range LCD controller and other rugged components. The military grade LCD controller can accept VGA, DVI-D, S-Video, Composite and HDMI inputs.  The TFX also includes an audio amplifier with speakers.

3 x 17.3” / 19″ Military LCD Display

  • Enclosure
    19″ (wide) x 2U (3.49-inches) (high) x 24″ (deep)
    Body made of 5052-H32 aluminum alloy w/ milled front panel
    All stainless steel hardware with self-locking fasteners
  • Displays
    Three 17.3” TFT LCD’s 1920 x 1080 each, LED Backlight or
  • Three 19-inch TFT LCD 1280×1024 each, LED Backlight
Native Resolution:1920 x 10801920 x 10801280 x 10241280 x 1024
Brightness:400 cd/m21,000 cd/m2350 cd/m21,000 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio600:1600:11500:11500:1
Reponse Time:40ms40ms35ms35ms
Viewing AngleR/L: 160˚ U/D: 140˚R/L: 160˚ U/D: 140˚R/L: 170˚ U/D: 170˚R/L: 170˚ U/D: 170˚
Operating Temp:0˚ to 70˚0˚ to 70˚-20˚ to +70˚-20˚ to +70˚
Storage Temp:-20˚ to 70˚-20˚ to 70˚-25˚ to +70˚-25˚ to +70˚

TFX1= Trifold Extreme1731A or 1732A = 17.3″ or 17.3″ High Bright LCD (Bonded EMI Shield & A/R Coating)H1= VGA, DVI=D & HDMI
VIDEO Inputs
A= Universal AC Input Adapter
 1731B or 1732B = 17.3″ or 17.3″ High Bright LCD display (No Cover Glass)J1= VGA, DVI-D, COMPOSITE &
S-VIDEO Inputs
B= 12 VDC
 1731C or 1732C = 17.3″ or 17.3″ High Bright LCD (Bonded Vandal Shield & A/R Coating) C= 28 VCD
 191A or 192A = 19″ or 19″ High Bright LCD (Bonded EMI Shield & A/R Coating) D= 12 VDC to CP Technologies Workstation
 191B or 192B = 19″ or 19″  High Bright LCD (No Cover Glass)  
 191C or 192C = 19″ or 19″ High Bright LCD (Bonded Vandal Shield & A/R Coating)  
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