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Rugged Rackmount Servers

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rugged rackmount computers

CP Technologies develops and produces ruggedized rack mount solutions for military use across a large variety of form factors and enclosure options.

Server systems produced by CP Technologies can range from 1U through 5U sized chassis and feature high quality, long life motherboards and backplanes compatible with the latest high performance Intel Core and Xeon CPUs. Our experience allows us to design and build customized systems which meet MIL-STD 810G and MIL-DTL-901E, enabling our ruggedized military grade systems to survive in harsh real-world environments. We confidently back all our products with a standard 5-year warranty.

m1U-20 1U Computers

The M1U-20 chassis is ideal for those seeking a rugged rackmount 1U system designed to perform in computing scenarios with a limited available space.  Uniquely offered with an attached front door with integrated air filter or EMI filter which serves to protect the drive bays and other components from dust and dirt, as well as providing  MIL-STD-461 EMI compliant shielding.

M2U-SE 2U Computers

The M2U-SE system offers high performance with a variety of processor and chipset options including the latest Intel Core and Xeon CPUs in a compact 2U form factor.  Full height add-in boards are stabilized with Delrin blocks for high vibration and shock environments. The system is exceptionally well cooled thanks to three 80mm high-velocity, high-reliability cooling fans perfect for high power CPUs in hot environments.

M3U 3U Computers

The M3U system offers high performance with a variety of processor and chipset options including the latest Intel Core and Xeon CPUs in a 3U form factor. Our 3U computing platforms can be used for many different applications ranging from lab, simulation, test to medical applications. With the added security of sturdy construction, this system has revision controlled, long-life components that provide stability for long program duration.

M4U-20 4U Computers

The M4U-20 system, with it’s 4U form factor, is a perfect platform for I/O expansion.  A card hold-down system secures plug-in cards in high vibration and shock environments to ensure reliable operation. The system offers the latest in highest performance CPUs offering both single and dual CPU configurations.

M5U-22 5U Computers

The M5U-22 is a military grade 5U computer system that is designed and manufactured in the USA. Thanks to the hardened 5U rackmount enclosure, the M5U offers plenty of room for expansion cards and cooling, providing a great platform for high-performance computing in demanding environments. The system offers high power redundant power supply and RAID options for additional hard drive redundancy for improved Mean-Time-Between-Failure (MTBF) as well as long-term system scalability.

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