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Industrial Computers and Servers

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Industrial Computers and Servers

CP Technologies’ rugged industrial PCs and industrial computers are available in a variety of form factors and are designed to be utilized in harsh industrial environments. CP Technologies’ rugged industrial computers utilize high-reliability, long life motherboards with a selection of chipsets and processors to meet our customer’s specific requirements and to assure they are on Intel’s product roadmap to support extended life program for rugged industrial applications.

CP Technologies’ Industrial systems are designed and manufactured to survive industrial computer environments where commercial systems will not survive. These include high/low temperatures, high levels of dirt and dust, high vibration/shock and salt fog and other harsh computer environments. Our industrial PC systems incorporate our Intelligent Adaptive Fan Control System (Syscool™) to assure optimum environmental performance and minimize fan noise.  All systems are designed and built in the USA for the highest assured quality. Our designs offer standard COTS configurations or 100% customized solutions that meet your rigorous requirements and are backed by our 5-year standard warranty. Applications include mass transit, oil & gas exploration, mining, rail, factory automation, robotics and refineries. To complement our systems we also offer Industrial MonitorsStorage ArraysKeyboardsKVM’s and Zero/Thin Clients.

R1U-20 1U Computers

The R1U-20 system is ideal for those seeking a rugged rackmount 1U system designed to perform in confined spaces.  Uniquely offered with an attached front door with integrated air (or optional EMI) filter which serves to protect the drive bays and other components from dust and dirt, as well as enhanced EMI shielding.

R2U-SE 2U Computers

The R2U-SE system offers high performance with a variety of processor and chipset options including the latest Intel Core and Xeon CPUs in a compact 2U form factor.  Full height add-in boards are stabilized with Delrin blocks for high vibration and shock environments. The system is exceptionally well cooled utilizing three 80mm high-velocity, high-reliability cooling fans perfect for high power CPU’s in hot environments.

R4U-20 4U Computers

The R4U-20 system, with its versatile 4U form factor, is a perfect platform for I/O expansion.  A card hold-down system secures plug-in cards in high vibration and shock environments to ensure reliable operation. The system offers the latest in highest performance CPU’s offering both single and dual CPU configurations.

R5U-22 5U Computers

The R5U-22 system is optimized for large, high-performance, power hungry 11-slot motherboards with systems offered providing four double-wide x16 PCIe slots or ten x8 PCIe slots.

The M5U-22 system is ideal for high power applications such as a GPU server platform powered by a reliable N+1 redundant 1500W power supply. The system is cooled by three high-velocity, 200K hrs. MTBF 120mm fans.

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