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Memory Update – DDR5

Random access memory is a key component of any modern computing system. System vendors have begun to offer DDR5 memory as an option on the latest systems, replacing the DDR4 memory found in systems offered for the past 8 or so years. This leaves many to wonder: what is DDR5… Read More

What is a Zero Client?

By: Mark Kempf, Vice President, CP Technologies Data is the world’s most valuable resource, and in order to protect all of that data, the cybersecurity market has boomed to over $200 billion and is projected to hit almost $350 billion by 2026. CP Technologies serves many customers in the military,… Read More


Intel’s Xeon Scalable Performance family of processors are built on a mature platform that enables high performance and efficiency in demanding server applications such as AI machine learning and cloud computing. We’ll be going over the first 3 generations of the Intel SP platforms below, comparing the generational improvements made… Read More

Alder Lake: Intel’s Next Big Step Forward

CP Technologies is an Intel Platinum Technology Partner. After a very long wait, Intel has finally announced their much-anticipated Alder Lake series of microprocessors. This is Intel’s first major foray into developing on their new Intel 7 branded 10nm manufacturing process, a major step up from the 14nm node that’s… Read More

Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness With the constant emergence of new display technologies in the consumer sector, it is important for program managers and engineers in the military markets to be aware of which and how several of these advances can be incorporated into new military programs to achieve maximum benefit. Additionally, as… Read More

What is High Performance Computing and Why is it Critical for Defense & Military Applications?

What is High Performance Computing? High-performance computing (HPC) is the use of parallel processing for running advanced software application programs more efficiently and faster.   High-performance computing is used for solving advanced mathematical calculations and performing data processing through the use of computer modeling, simulation and analysis.  HPC systems delivers sustained… Read More

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